All of our puppies and dogs are sold on contracts, and the terms of that contract may be different depending on if you are looking for strictly companionship or looking for a working dog/show/breeding prospect. From time to time we may also consider guardianship or co-own agreements.

Our contracts outline our Health & Temperament Guarantee, the conditions for the sale and our expectations for the puppy homes for the duration of the dog's life. These contracts allow expectations to be clear, and describe actionable consequences if the terms of the contracts are not met. For example, rehoming or reselling a dog without providing first right of refusal to Sisu Koira is subject to a $5000 fine.

Health & Temperament Guarantee

Sisu Koira provides a Health & Temperament Guarantee on every puppy we sell.

Companion Puppies:

  • 5 year guarantee against hereditary or idiopathic epilepsy, heart disease and life altering or life ending conditions*

  • 3 year structural guarantee on hips, elbows, shoulders or rear end issues like CCL tears**

  • 1 year Temperament Guarantee against human aggression, reactive dog aggression, timidity/fearfulness/anxiety***

Prospect Puppies:

  • All of the Above

  • 3 year Reproductive Guarantee covering fertility or reproductive issues which may interfere with a dog/bitch's ability to successfully reproduce

Any health claims will be required to have comprehensive diagnostics from a specialist veterinarian at the cost of the puppy/dog owner, and permission given to speak openly with Sisu Koira about the condition and prognosis prior to the guarantee being honored. At no time is Sisu Koira responsible for any consultations or treatments authorized by the puppy/down owner. Upon confirmation of the condition, and in consultation with the puppy/dog owner, Sisu Koira will either offer a replacement puppy or refund/partial refund depending on the age and condition of the dog. At that time, the puppy/dog owner can either choose to return the dog to Sisu Koira, or they may choose to keep or euthanize the dog, if appropriate. The puppy dog/owner is not required to return the dog to Sisu Koira at any time. We do not require you to surrender your animal in order to access our health guarantee.

For temperament guarantees, Sisu Koira requires an assessment by a balanced trainer in writing, and will require the dog be returned or humanely euthanized, if necessary. In consultation with the puppy owner, the owner will be offered a full refund or replacement puppy, but they will not be permitted to keep their current dog. Costs to return dogs to Sisu Koira are the responsibility of the puppy/dog owner. Sisu Koira will not accept assessments from Positive Only or Force Free trainers.

Breeding Inquiries

Sisu Koira eagerly works with breeders and, as an active member of the Canadian Dogo Argentino Club, understands the importance of building a network of breed enthusiasts. For this reason, we do not charge extra for breeding rights. Instead, we enter into a limited term co-own agreement where the dog is sold for the price of a companion, but stays registered to Sisu Koira until the terms of the co-own have been met. Terms include OFA and Pennhip hip testing, OFA elbow testing, OFA CAER (eyes) and Cardiac testing and at least one title or demonstration of activity with your dog. Then, we help select a stud or bitch for your first breeding, and maintain the option to buy back the second pick puppy for a price of $500 for the first two litters. After that, full registration is transferred and the co-own agreement is complete.

Payment Methods

- Email Money Transfer

- Cash

- Paypal