Frequently asked questions

How much do puppies cost?

A companion puppy on a non-breeding contract costs $2500.

Are there any discounts for not registering or no microchips?

No. All puppies are microchipped and registered - no exceptions.

What if I want pick of the litter?

First picks are not for sale. The priority in each breeding is to produce dogs to further my breeding program, and all prospect puppies are kept back for further assessment. If there are multiple great prospects, priority is given to working and show homes. Companion puppies are placed based on sex and temperament, which are not determined until after temperament testing at 7 weeks. If there are a couple of puppies who fit an applicant's home and lifestyle, they will be permitted to select from those puppies.

How long does it take to get a puppy?

There really isn't a good way to predict this. Even if your application is approved, there is no guarantee I will have a puppy that fits your needs and desires in the next upcoming litter. Placements are done after temperament testing is done at 7 weeks, and after I have made my own selections. Priority is given to working and show prospective homes, and then companion quality puppies are offered to homes that fit their individual temperament. This is why we screen so heavily, to ensure right-fit placement. It is not unreasonable to expect to wait a year for a puppy.

What if I want my puppy cropped and docked?

All Cane Corso puppies are docked a couple of days after they are born. There is no additional charge for docking tails. Dogo Argentino puppies tails are left intact, per the standard. We do not dock their tails. Ear cropping is available based on access options. With the USA border closed, taking an entire litter to Seattle for cropping is not possible. If I have to travel to Ontario for cropping, I am only able to take 4 puppies, and priority goes to my own puppies or work/show prospects. So availability is very much dependent on where I have access to. The cost to crop varies, based on travel and the individual clinic costs and starts at $750.

When do puppies go home?

Puppies go home at 10 weeks of age.

Do you place in same sex homes?

Companion puppies are never placed in same sex homes, with one exception: If the other companion dog is geriatric or terminal and it is unexpected that the other dog will live until the puppy has reached sexual maturity. Both Dogo Argentino and Cane Corso are subject to same sex aggression, and most companion homes are not adequately equipped or prepared to keep the dogs separated for the duration of their life. It is extremely difficult to manage SSA (Same Sex Aggression) in a pet home, because it requires the dogs be kept out of eachother's sight. This typically involves crating and rotating, and failure to do this is not only a likely death sentence for at least one of the dogs, it can also be very dangerous for anyone caught between them. For this reason, we will absolutely not sell to same sex homes, with the geriatric/terminal exception.

What if I want breeding rights?

We do not sell breeding rights, but we are excited to work with breeders! If you're interested in a puppy as a work/show/breeding prospect, then the puppy as sold as a co-own at the companion price of $2500, and certain requirements must be met. You must complete, at minimum, hip and elbow certifications, and OFA Cardiac and CAER (eye) certifications. You must also demonstrate a level of work or sport with your dog. Together, we will decide if the dog is a good representative of the breed for breed worthiness, and I will help with pairing for the first two breedings. When these requirements are met, I remove myself as a co-owner. Each contract is individual, and open to discussion. Please contact us directly if you are interested in a work/show/breed prospect.